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Very few divorce agreements ever remain totally unmodified, and some of the most common modifications involve parenting time. For a variety of reasons, parenting time divisions are extremely likely to change, though in some cases it is possible to successfully … Continue reading

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There is no question that divorce is already a difficult and painful process. Couples with children have an even more challenging road ahead of them. Parents must not only come to terms with the end of their marriage, but also … Continue reading

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“The best interest of the child” is a phrase often heard in several different contexts related to Illinois family law. However, they all intend to ensure that children are well protected and taken care of in every possible way. While … Continue reading

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More and more research is continuing to confirm what some experts have been saying for decades: Children need both parents in their lives to be happy, healthy and successful. For many years, it was assumed that children of divorced parents … Continue reading

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In today’s culture, it is still rather common for a woman to take her husband’s last name when they get married. A person in same-sex marriage may also change his or her last name to match that of their partner. … Continue reading

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It not uncommon for child-related legal matters such as the allocation of parental responsibilities or a proposed relocation to become highly contentious. In some cases, the involved parties may find it difficult or impossible to reach an agreement that is … Continue reading

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Today’s world is, in many ways, more connected than ever before. Thanks to the rise of digital and online technology, it has never been easier to look for new employment or educational opportunities that may exist far from your current … Continue reading

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Sharing custody of your child—now formally known as parental responsibilities under Illinois law, can be challenging under the best of circumstances. Effective co-parenting requires communication, cooperation, and, in many cases, letting a few little things go in order to facilitate … Continue reading

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When a romantic relationship between adults falls apart, it can be very difficult for each partner to deal with their emotions and move forward with their lives. If the couple has a child together, a tense, difficult dispute regarding child … Continue reading

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Following their divorce, many parents struggle to work with their former partners in raising their children. They often have trouble putting their differences aside and focusing on the needs of the child. Many others, however, find that cooperating with an … Continue reading

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